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abr 10, 2009 - Códigos    11 Comments

Robust subpixel stereo matching for Matlab

Hi! I am a Brazilian guy that implemented the famous Zhang’s point match algorithm. The complete description of the algorithm can be find in the paper below. But, concisely, the algorithm consists of three steps:

  • Establish initial correspondences using a classical relaxation technique
  • Estimate robustly the epipolar geometry
  • Establish correspondences using estimated epipolar geometry as in stereo matching

There may be a large percentage of false matches (usually around 20%, sometimes 40%) using heuristic matching techniques such as correlation, and a false match may be completely different from the valid matches. The robust technique implemented deals with these issues and can theoretically detect outliers when they make up as much as 50% of whole data.

This code have been developed for instructional and research purposes, and have been shared with students in my university in the past. The code was implemented in m-file script language that is mostly compatible with Matlab. Matlab is an integrated numerical analysis package that makes it very easy implement computational modeling codes. Continua »